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2020 - 2030: The Decade of Action

There are a number of critical deadlines in the decade ahead, from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to the Paris Climate Agreement. Globally, we have already crossed four of the Earth’s nine planetary boundaries. Change needs to start happening at a pace and scale that we have not seen before, if we are to prevent irreparable damage. EFA addresses these global challenges at a local level, working across three interconnected areas: 



  • Freetown-the-Treetown project. An FCC initiative funded by the WB and implemented by EFA, to plant 1 million trees around Western Area (2020 – 2022)
  • Every child plants and cares for a tree. A flagship campaign initiated by EFA through the #landthatwelovesierraleone movement, to inspire children to love and care for nature, while addressing deforestation and land degradation.



  • Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Managing community-led ecotourism to support local livelihoods through protecting 1,200 hectares (12sq km) of tropical rainforest and rich array of wildlife species. Also partnering with Njala University to enable biological research.
  • Biodiversity & Renewable Energy Learning Centre. Managing 15 hectares of forest on the edge of Freetown, as part of the Learning Centre estate, to showcase responsible forest management.



  • Environmental Education (National Greening School Program). Pilot program in 10 schools in Western Area and 10 schools in Pujehun and Kenema Districts, to mainstream environmental awareness, nature conservation, biodiversity education and sustainability principles among school children.
  • Communication for Advocacy & Public Awareness. EFA runs public awareness, advocacy and training programs form the Learning Centre.

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