Main focus/ targets for the future

Over the next 5-10 EFA is channelling all of its resources to three key focal areas:

1. Establishing the Biodiversity and Renewable Energy Learning Centre as a key hub for environmental advocacy, education outreach, knowledge management and best practice demonstrations, promoting and exemplifying the Sustainable Development Goals. EFA will intensify its efforts to achieve secure financing for managing the facility, targeting the following groups: governmental agencies, local councils, schools, universities, private sector entities, civil society organisations and the communities living around the Western Area Peninsula Forest National Park.

2. Steering to completion, the process of developing a Management Plan for the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, and contributing to the management of ecotourism and biological research in partnership with NJala University and the Tiwai Communities. Intensify efforts to establish a long term financing mechanism, assuring continued maintenance of the facilities and increased financial contributions to community development initiatives.

3. Continue promoting the National Competition on Greening Schools as a flagship program of EFA, while working with all partners of the #LandthatweloveSierraLeone movement, to launch and implement the national campaign – ‘Every Child Plants and Cares for a Tree’, as part of efforts to intensify the engagement of young children, to increase forest cover while promoting the culture of care and respect for the environment among present and future generations.