Tiwai Island Weekend Break!


Spend a relaxing weekend on Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, listening to birds sing and touring the island to spot some of the 11 resident primate species. Or just relax in a hammock by the Moa River, eating fresh fish and having a break from the busy city life. 

The new season is here and Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA) will be running bi-weekly weekend trips to Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary for up to 6 people. The 2-nights weekend package will include transportation from Freetown to Tiwai Island, entry and accommodation with breakfast. Activities, drinks, lunch and dinner are excluded from this package. Guests can bring their own food as cooking facilities are available.

Departure: Fridays at 10.30am from Total Wilberforce, Freetown

Arrival: Sundays at 5pm, Total Wilberforce, Freetown

Weekend Dates

  1. Friday 25th November to Sunday 27th November 2016 – 2 nights (6 spaces)
  2. Friday 9th December to Sunday 11th December 2016 – 2 nights (6 spaces)
  3. Friday 23rd December to Sunday 26th December – 3 nights (6 spaces)
  4. Friday 6th January to Sunday 8th January 2017 – 2 nights (6 spaces)

Package Cost

2 nights – Le 826,000 / $118

3 nights – Le 1,040,000 / $149

**Price is subject to fuel price and other operational costs.

To book a place on our ‘Tiwai Island Weekend Package’ please email info@tiwaiisland.org.

For information about the Island visit – http://www.tiwaiisland.org/Site/visit/camping/

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