Renewable Energy Empowerment for Sierra Leone (REESL)

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Environmental Foundation for Africa has the pleasure to announce that the following event:

Renewable Energy Empowerment for Sierra Leone

A Roadmap to Energise Rural Sierra Leone

REESL is a six-month programme of initiatives being implemented by EFA, in partnership with the Ministry of Energy, Njala University, the Government Technical Institute, the Environmental Resources Management Foundation, and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).

What is it?

As part of this initiative, the REESL team has completed more than six months of national-level baseline information-gathering across Sierra Leone to examine the existing and potential availability, applications and socio-economic implications of renewable energy (RE) technology, as well as opportunities for innovation and social benefit.

As an outcome of this process, our team is developing a “Knowledge Base” of credible information and materials to inform and facilitate development of national policy and innovative strategies catalysing current and future development of the RE sector in Sierra Leone.  The workshop will provide a forum for all attendees to test, validate and share the information that has been gathered and in this way we envisage that every individual can actively contributing to the credibility and usefulness of the Knowledge Base, which will serve all parties involved in energy sector developments in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Our experienced team of facilitators have developed a number of exercises, which will help attendees discuss, share and explore the many opportunities that exist in this sector, and the actions that may be needed to recognize and develop these opportunities, as well as overcome the challenges. The outcomes of these discussions will facilitate the development of a National Roadmap to Energise Rural Sierra Leone.

To see the workshop agenda, please click here.

Further information will be available in due course with the dissemination of a “Starter Pack” of relevant information for attendees to browse if they wish, prior to coming to the event.

The workshop will be held at EFA’s Biodiversity and Renewable Energy Learning Centre. This venue was designed by Architects without Borders as a flagship Sustainable Building. It offers ample exhibition space for showcasing RE information, photos, videos and technologies and we have made arrangements to showcase a number of RE technologies developed by local entrepreneurs working in Burkino Faso, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Belgium, Ireland and the UK. We trust that this diverse range of items and information will inspire workshop attendees as well as engaging members of the public and stimulate interest and discussion.

When is it?

The event will be held on:

  • 18th – 19th July 2013 (Workshops)
  • 20th – 21st July 2013 (Opening Weekend of Our Permanent Public RE Exhibition)

Who will be there?

For the 2-day workshop, we have invited approximately 50 representatives from relevant government ministries, academic institutions, non-governmental-organisations (NGOs) and the private sector.

The workshop will provide an excellent platform for stakeholders to meet and connect with other actors in the RE sector, so that together, we can formulate a way forward, to the benefit of all stakeholders and Sierra Leone.

The response to date has been over-whelming, such that we expect full representation from each stakeholder group and we currently expect the event to be oversubscribed. Please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience if you wish to reserve your place.

Where is it taking place?

The event is taking place at the Biodiversity and Renewable Energy Learning Centre, on Peninsula Road just outside Freetown in Sussex.

The venue is shown on the map below. Please click on the map to open the dynamic Google Map link showing the location.

Location of the event

Here are some more information about the Centre’s location:

Directions to the event

Contact us if you need more information about the event Register here Get the Event's poster

REESL Knowledge Base

Enter the REESL Knowledge Base

Attendee Starter Pack

Please click here to view the official Agenda of the event.Agenda of the event

Watch this great inspirational TED Talk by William Kamkwamba:TED Talk: How I harnessed the Wind

More material will be made available in due course and prior to the event.

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