Ireland and the United Kingdom

EFA has always been supported by a network of partners and friends based in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). In May 2009, the Environmental Foundation for Africa – Ireland, was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee – with board members in Ireland and the UK. As one boardmember, Jamison Suter, described for the annual report, “EFA-Ireland’s objective is “to reduce poverty in Africa through promoting sustainable living in harmony with the natural environment and protecting threatened and/or restoring damaged habitats.” EFA-Ireland exists to support EFA in West Africa and to expand EFA’s good work to Europe, where some of the causes and the solutions to West Africa’s environmental problems lie”

EFA has received support from Ireland and the UK in the form of administrative, technical, and financial assistance. The encouragement EFA gets from these exceptional individuals is crucial to its success in the field.

Today, EFA Trustees support EFA by fundraising, providing strategic guidance on project development and institutional planning. EFA is conducting targeted advocacy and awareness campaigns in Europe.

Thanks to the support of Irish boardmembers, in 2010 EFA director, Tommy Garnett will conduct an environmental education campaign in schools in Dublin, Ireland. It is intended that this educational outreach and awareness raising will continue and expand as an EFA activity into 2011 and beyond in order to raise awareness in Ireland and England about environmental degradation in Africa, with a focus on Sierra Leone.