Completion of the Implementation of EU-Funded Project: “Rural Energy Activating Livelihoods – REAL”

From September 2011June 2016 , the EFA implemented the project “Rural Energy Activating Livelihoods.

The Primary Goal was:

To improve the quality of livelihoods in rural communities through access to renewable energies, so that the most vulnerable groups of people living in Sierra Leone are empowered to achieve their entitlements to adequate electricity supply and to participate in educational and economic development activities that improve their well-being.

The Specific Objectives were

  • To provide solar PV installations to 49 rural off-grid farming communities (in Kailahun, Kenema, Kono and Pujehun Districts), with social facilities including schools, clinics, community agro business centres and storage for agricultural produce:
  • To build capacity in the application of solar technology through basic and advanced training programs. 
  • To provide micro-finance schemes to support income generation projects and small enterprises, and supply householders with opportunities for investment in solar home lighting products.

See final report for full details of project