2016/17 Term 1 EEP has come to an end

Our 10-week Environmental Education Programme, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Sierra Leone, ended on 6th December 2016 with 150 students and 10 teachers from five schools located around the Learning Centre having participated. Students and teachers came from REC Sussex Primary School (Sussex), REM Preparatory School (Baw Baw), Abundant Grace International Primary School (Sussex City), Sussex Junior Secondary School (Sussex), and Mo Murphy Memorial Secondary School (Mile 13).

The aim of the 10-week programme was to develop awareness of environmental issues and to build more consciousness in youth about what is happening in their local environment, why it is happening, how they and their families are affected, what they and their families/schools can do differently and their roles, as individuals, in maintaining a healthy environment and protecting their forests and water catchments; supporting overall character development.

During the 10 weeks, the children learnt stewardship skills such as tree planting, making an eco-stove, creating compost, recycling and reusing things and some of the uses of solar power (photos below). They also had field trips to local protected areas such as their local rivers in Sussex and Baw Baw, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Western Area Peninsula National Park.

The children shared their new environmental knowledge and skills with their schools and communities from planting trees and cleaning their local environment to raising awareness of environmental issues like pollution and waste management. Magnus Bendu, a student from Mo Murphy Memorial Secondary School, created his own energy saving stove at home, after learning how to during a ‘Saving Energy’ session at the Learning Centre (photo below).

Mo Murphy students created a school garden and a compost pit at the back of their school. Students from Abundant Grace also created a school garden and promised to take care of their school’s surroundings and their homes. REC Sussex students continued looking after their school garden created from their first EEP sessions in 2015 and have a school environmental club called Environmental Ambassadors.

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Grace students visiting their local river in Sussex


Catherine Kamara, Education Officer said: “At the beginning of the first week the children had little? knowledge about the environment, their surroundings and that their confidence and honesty also counted. As the weeks went by, the children could express their true feelings and love for nature because of what they had learnt from the sessions. They were taught to be honest, have confidence, believe their role in taking care of their environment and that the earth is our home, just as the forest and trees are the home of various plants and animals. The sessions went well with contributions from all the children making it a success”.

If you have a school interested in taking part in our Term 2 2016/17 Environmental Education Sessions, please email learningcentre@efasl.org or abundu@efasl.org. 

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